Peace Process

  • CBC National, Jan 8 2009: Reporter stated “representatives of Israel, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to meet in Cairo to discuss the proposed ceasefire.” Update report indicated that neither representatives met.
  • CBC Around the World, April 24 2008: CBC On Air Correction – CBC Around the World featured a report detailing how Palestinian and Israeli protesters were scuffling with Israeli soldiers at an abandoned army post in the West Bank. The host erroneously reported the following: “The incident came as Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ordered an evacuation of many West Bank settlements, the announcements part of a peace deal with the Palestinians.” Contrary to this statement, Olmert never ordered any such evacuation. Correction issued the following day.
  • CBC World This Weekend, Sept 5 2007: According to a CBC editor: Apology – “On July 9 you wrote to draw to our attention to an inaccuracy in a story on that morning’s WORLD REPORT.  The story concerned the prospect of an historic meeting proposed by the Arab League to discuss a new peace initiative with Israel. Newsreader Helen Mann introduced a voice clip by “Dan” Regev, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, welcoming the meeting and noting its historic nature. You pointed out that the spokesman’s name is Mark Regev. Of course, you are right. Since his appointment a few years ago, Mr. Regev has appeared many times on CBC News programs. It was an editing error.”
  • CBC Online, July 25, 2007: “A backgrounder published on July 25 about the Middle East peace players incorrectly said that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had a face-to-face meeting with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Cairo in April 2007. In fact, it was Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who met Meshaal in Egypt.” Correction issued
  • Vancouver Sun, February 8, 2007: Headline unfairly stated that Israel was thwarting peace talks without attribution. Apology secured.
  • CBC Online, December 26, 2006: Article misstated the date of a meeting between Olmert and Abbas. Correction issued.
  • Toronto Sun, February 26, 2006: Correction: “A wire services brief that appeared in Monday’s Sun incorrectly attributed comments regarding possible truce talks with Israel made by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh to President Mahmoud Abbas.”