Palestinian Prisoners

  • Le Quotidien: October 31, 2013: A Prison Camp In Israel? Le Quotidien Issues Correction Prompted by HRC. Le Quotidien made the egregious claim that there is a prison camp in Israel. After HRC communicated our concerns with editors at Le Quotidien, the following correction was promptly issued.
  • August 9 and 11, 2013: As we reported in our August 9 media action alert, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) upheld our concerns finding that CTV News breached the CBSC’s Code of Ethics by failing to issue on-air corrections to remedy its erroneously reporting that a Palestinian “hunger striker” died in an Israeli jail. The CBSC affirmed that “on-air errors must be corrected on-air.”  CTV was found to have breached its obligations as a broadcaster and was forced to air the CBSC’s ruling.
  • April 15, 2013: CBC Concedes Reporting Lacked Israeli Point of View: Several CBC reports failed to provide the Israeli point of view denying charges of alleged medical malfeasance in the death of a Palestinian prisoner from cancer in an Israeli jail.
  • February 27, 2013: Hamilton Spectator published an unfair headline alleging Israel had “assassinated” a Palestinian prisoner, whereas Israel disputes these Palestinian allegations saying the detainee died of cardiac arrest. HRC called on the Spectator to amend the online headline and the paper agreed and made the edit.
  • TQS, July 18 2008: Article stated “Israel returned the remains of twelve combatants.” Editor apologized for the error, stating that Israel returned two hundred remains.
  • Toronto Star, Aug 2008: Reporter interviews a jailed Palestinian who describes the force Israelis use, with no context – omitting the fact that he was a terrorist who murdered Israelis. Reporter admitted more details were needed.
  • Montreal Gazette, Sept 1 2007: Follow up story issued – “I think you make a fair point. We have a follow-up story on this issue in tomorrow’s paper, and we will include a line along the lines you suggest.” According to a Gazette editor, after a Gazette report failed to mention that “Israel denies any mistreatment” regarding a Palestinian released from an Israeli prison who claimed he was tortured.”
  • Toronto Star, March 16 2005: Staff article incorrectly suggested a Palestinian prisoner would not face trail. Admission of error.
  • Toronto Star, Dec 2 2004: Updated article issued to change the statements describing Marwan Barghouti as a “Palestinian rebel” to a “jailed leader”. Future reports gave necessary context of his involvement with terror which have killed and injured Israelis.