Ottawa Metro News

  • Mar 6 2008: Apology: “I will be sending you a synopsis of what I learned early next week. Suffice to say for now, it does appear to be an honest error by an inexperienced page designer and editors in Toronto have instituted a new safeguard in the production stream to avoid a repeat. We are currently reviewing with our production team in Toronto what occurred in this instance. Although Metro’s smaller format requires shorter, tighter stories than most other publications, we obviously do not condone offering one side of an argument to the exclusion of the other. If the omission was not at source through the wire provider Reuters, then we will be taking steps within the production chain to ensure future reporting on this subject includes perspectives from both sides. I will be in touch once we’ve held our review with the production team. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.” According to a Metro News editor after two Reuters reports printed in the Metro failed to mention the reason why the Israeli Defense Forces entered the Gaza Strip. The Incursion was done to prevent and thwart continuous rocket attacks on Israeli cities by Hamas terrorists.