Neighbouring Countries

  • February 10, 2020: HRC Prompts CBC Correction: Syrian Anti-Aircraft Missiles Nearly Shot Down Jet, Not IDF Says Russia
  •, January 11 2010: “Israel to erect barrier along Egypt’s border”: Report incorrectly stated that Israel was to erect a barrier on Egypt’s border. Report revised: “Israel to erect barrier along Egypt’s border”.

  • Global National, Jan 10, 2010: Global erroneously claimed that Israel jointly built and financed Egypt’s $1-billion anti-tunnel barrier. On-air clarification issued after HRC complaint: “Last Sunday we reported that an underground wall being built along the Egyptian border involved the Israeli government, we want to clarify that Israel is not taking part in the project.”

  • Globe and Mail, Oct 31 2008 “Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, is an ophthalmologist, not an orthodontist, as stated yesterday.” Correction issued.

  • Toronto Sun, July 19 2008: “A cutline in yesterday’s Toronto Sun identified Samir Kantar as a Palestinian. In fact, he is Lebanese. The Sun regrets the error.” Correction issued.
  • City TV, March 17 2008: According to a City TV Producer: “Our editorial writer made an honest mistake in referring to an “Israeli annexation of Gaza” from Egypt in 67. I have conducted a formal review and have instructed our staff to be more vigilant and more careful to ensure that simple editing errors do not occur.”
  • Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Dec 28 2007: “Gaza border: In a Reuters story, which ran in Saturday’s SP, it suggested Israel controls the borders between Gaza and Egypt. In fact, Israel has no control of this border. The SP apologizes for the error.” Correction issued.
  • Canada AM, July 12 2007: “Thursday’s edition of Canada AM featured a short news brief detailing the pending visit of Jordan’s King Abdullah to Ottawa for a visit with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Host Jennifer Ward introduced the wrong Abdullah as an image of the Saudi King Abdullah was superimposed next to Ms. Ward.” Correction promptly issued.
    • Windsor Star, Feb 5 2007: “Headline erroneously said that the Arab League was meeting in Palestine, they were actually meeting in Beirut.” Correction issued.