Le Journal de Montreal

  • April 29 2008: “The death of a Palestinian boy in the Gaza Strip earlier this month, originally blamed on Israeli forces, was caused by mortar fire from Palestinian militants, a human rights group said Monday. On April 6, AFP cited medical sources as saying the child was killed by Israeli tank fire between the Gaza border with Israel and the Bureij refugee camp. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights subsequently conducted an investigation into the killing. “According to our inquiry, the child Abdullah Mohammed Bahar, four years old, was killed by a Palestinian mortar,” said Jaber Wichah, deputy director of the PCHR, based in Gaza. According to the PCHR, Palestinian militants fired a mortar round which struck near the child’s home, seriously wounding the boy in the head, as he was playing outdoors with his brother who was also injured but survived. The four-year-old died shortly after being taken to hospital, the PCHR said.” Correction issued.