La Presse

  • La Presse, November 28 2009:"Le CRTC donne le feu vert à Al-Jazira": Report incorrectly stated that HonestReporting Canada opposed Al-Jazeera English’s Canadian licence application. Correction issued: “Contrary to what was written in our article on the CRTC’s decision regarding Al-Jazeera’s English network, the Honest Reporting organization did not oppose the broadcasting of this network in Canada, even if it expressed concerns about it.”
  • Sept 8 2008: Article stated Israel went to war in 2006 with Lebanon. Clarification issued, stated war was more “precisely between Israel and the Hezbollah movement.”
  • July 31 2008: Article stated “Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) denounce the Israeli occupation in Gaza. Clarification issued, stated the Israeli army withdrew from Gaza in August 2005.