Edmonton Journal

  • August 9, 2019: Edmonton Journal Apologizes for Antisemitic Cartoon: A message from the Edmonton Journal: “Last week, on Aug. 1, the Edmonton Journal ran an editorial cartoon depicting a shadowy figure in a wallet next to the words “Data hacker” in relation to the breach of customer information at Capital One. It has since been pointed out that the image of the person bears resemblance to anti-Semitic tropes prevalent in some anti-Jewish propaganda. This resemblance was entirely unintentional, but given that association, the Edmonton Journal apologizes for the publication of the cartoon. We are re-examining the procedures we have in place to vet editorial content to avoid future such occurrences.”
  • June 23, 2011: After publishing a false AFP report claiming that an Israeli “Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning,” HRC notified senior editors that this was a ficticious story and the Journal then suppressed the story on its website and issued the following correction: An Agence France-Presse story published Saturday on A13, saying a Jewish court had sentenced a dog to death by stoning, was based on information in the Israeli media that was later found to be false.”
  • November 23 2009: “Israeli airstrikes wound 8 medics”: Report incorrectly stated that Israeli airstrikes wounded 8 medics. Correction issued: “A correction published Nov. 25 incorrectly said eight Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes earlier that week. In fact, eight Palestinians were wounded in the airstrikes, as noted in the original story that appeared on Nov. 23. The headline on that story incorrectly said the airstrikes had wounded eight medics.”
  • January 30 2007: Headline implied that Israel misused bombs in the Lebanon war, however the body of the article explained that no definitive conclusion was reached. Apology secured.
  • November 5, 2006: Article’s headline erroneously described “Palestine” instead of Palestinian territories or Palestinian Authority. Correction issued.