CBC World This Weekend

  • January 17, 2021: HRC Prompts CBC On-Air Correction of Palestinian Vaccine Lie: “Last Sunday on this program, we aired a segment on the successful COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Israel. We followed that report with an interview with Saleh Hegazi, the Middle East Deputy Director of Amnesty International, about the situation in the Palestinian territories, where as yet, no vaccines had arrived. Mr. Hajazi was highly critical of Israel, insisting that Israel had a legal obligation under international law to provide vaccines to the Palestinian territories. In that segment we reported that Israel was denying vaccines to the Palestinians which we should not have and we should have included Israel’s perspective as part of our coverage. Israel’s position is that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for vaccine distribution in the territories since it negotiated control over administering health care as part of the Oslo Accords signed with Israel in 1993. Earlier this week, Israel said it delivered a hundred doses of a COVID vaccine to the Palestinian Authority and that another shipment will be delivered in the coming weeks. The Palestinian Authority has also secured an initial supply of vaccines from a variety of sources expected by March.””
  • Sept 5 2007: Apology – According to a senior editor at CBC: “You wrote that during an interview with Middle East reporter Irris Makler on the July 8 edition of The World This Weekend program host Christopher Thomas referred to Mahmoud Abbas as the Palestinian “prime minister.” In fact, you pointed out, he is president. You are right. Although Mr. Abbas was briefly prime minister four years ago, he was elected president of the Palestinian Authority in 2005. We regret the error.”