CBC News Today

  • Jan 17 2008: Apology – According to a senior editor at CBC: “On December 17, you wrote to draw our attention to an “error” in a report by CBC News correspondent David Common on the December 17 edition of CBC NEWS: TODAY. You wrote that in a report on a donor conference in Paris intended to aid the Palestinian economy, Mr. Common said the Palestinians are insisting that the Israelis return to the table to “discuss what would happen with Israeli settlers in Gaza and the West Bank.” You pointed out that Israeli settlers left the Gaza Strip in 2005. Of course, you are right. It was an inadvertent error in a live report first seen a little after 6am that morning.  In fact, Mr. Common telephoned Toronto minutes after the broadcast to say he had made a mistake and ask if he should do the report again, but his producers said they would edit the report to remove the error. Despite that, the original report was inadvertently broadcast once again later that morning.  We regret the error.”