CBC Around the World

  • July 21 2009: Report incorrectly stated 3,000 Israeli settlers live in the West Bank. Correction aired the next day stating that 300,000 Israeli settlers live in the West Bank.
  • June 23 2009: Report states “Israeli offensive [in Gaza] killed thousands.” On-air correction issued stating “While the actual number of dead isn’t known, the consensus is that there were about 1,300 people killed.”
  • April 24 2008: CBC On Air Correction – CBC Around the World featured a report detailing how Palestinian and Israeli protesters were scuffling with Israeli soldiers at an abandoned army post in the West Bank. The host erroneously reported the following: “The incident came as Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ordered an evacuation of many West Bank settlements, the announcements part of a peace deal with the Palestinians.” Contrary to this statement, Olmert never ordered any such evacuation. Correction issued the following day.
  • Feb 8 2008: On Air Clarification: “We want to clarify a story we told you about two days ago. After a suicide bomber killed one Israeli, we reported on the death of the Palestinian militant later that day saying it was in retaliation for the suicide bombing. In fact, there is no proof that the two incidents were linked.”
  • Jan 31 2008: Apology – “Thanks for pointing it out. I will keep reminding my editors to be more vigilant with their prepositions,” according to a senior CBC editor after CBC TV’s Around the World program erroneously claimed that Israel went to war with Lebanon vs. Hezbollah in 2006.
  • Jan 17 2008: Apology – According to a senior CBC editor: “Further, in your e-mail of November 27, you wrote that on the November 23 edition of CBC NEWS: AROUND THE WORLD CBC correspondent Brian Stewart said, “…the world basically left Israel and Palestine to try and work this out on its own.” Since the Palestinians have not been granted statehood, you wrote, to refer to the Palestinian Authority as “’Palestine’” is erroneous. I agree. Mr. Stewart should have said, “…Israel and the Palestinians…” or “…Israel and the Palestinian Authority….” It was an inadvertent error that (along with the subsequent grammatical error) sometimes happens in live interviews, as this one was.”
  • Jan 17 2008 – Apology: According to a senior CBC editor “On October 24, you wrote to draw our attention to a report on the October 22 edition of CBC NEWS: AROUND THE WORLD. The report, prepared by CBC Middle East correspondent Peter Armstrong, concerned Marya Aman, a young Palestinian girl paralyzed from the neck down in an Israeli missile strike. You wrote that this was a “very similar” report to one by BBC reporter Katya Adler broadcast on the August 22 edition of CBC NEWS: AROUND THE WORLD. You see no reason to broadcast two such reports and suggested the duplication was a “lapse of editorial judgment.” However, as is often the case, foreign reports used on THE NATIONAL are picked up by CBC NEWS: AROUND THE WORLD. Regrettably, those who added Mr. Armstrong’s report to the October 22 line up were unaware that the program had already carried the similar BBC report during the summer.”
  • June 5 2007: Host stated “The beginning of the Six Day War is considered a black day in the West Bank, with the Palestinian defeat complicating the Arab-Israeli conflict.” Correction issued, stating “While reporting on the anniversary of the Six Day War we referred to Israel’s capture of the West Bank and Gaza as a Palestinian defeat, we should have called it an Arab defeat.  Palestinians of course had no military forces in that conflict.”
  • Oct 26 2007: On-Air Correction: “Just before we go a correction from yesterday’s program, we said journalist Alan Johnston had been in prison, had been held in about 114 months, it was 114 days.”