Campus Issues

  • McGill Tribune: November 11, 2022: “The original version of the article below quoted Students for Palestinian Human Rights McGill (SPHR) about Charles Bronfman’s latest donation. A portion of the quote played into anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jewish people being “puppet masters” of institutional decisions—a trope that is both harmful and untrue. The Tribune apologizes for allowing this language to be published and deeply regrets any harm this caused to Jewish readers in the McGill community and beyond.”
  • CKUT Radio, Apr 8 2010: “Under the olive tree (Thursday April 8, 2010)”. Report falsely accused Israeli troops of killing 15 year-old Palestinian. First on-air clarification: “So we listened earlier to the IMEMC “This week in Palestine” report. Just to mention, two weeks ago, the first week of April, IMEMC reported, along with all the media outlets in the world, that a youth, a 15 year-old Palestinian from Gaza, Mr. al-Faramawi, was killed by Israeli state troops and, of course, that news item was incorrect. Most, if not all, media outlets corrected that later on when it appeared that the kid was lost in one of the tunnels and reappeared later on. So, that was just a correction for that mistake from IMEMC and all the media outlets out there.”
  • CKUT Radio, Apr 8 2010: “Under the olive tree (Thursday April 8, 2010)”. Report falsely accused Israeli troops of killing 15 year-old Palestinian. Second on-air clarification: “Just to repeat the correction we made earlier in the show, in the beginning of April, the first week, we played the IMEMC “This week in Palestine” which had an error that was made by all media outlets, almost, internationally, reported that a child, a 15 year-old child Mohammed al-Faramawi, was killed in Gaza by Israeli live ammunition. It appeared later on that Mr. al-Faramawi was lost in one of the tunnels that lead from Gaza to Egypt. So he is thankfully alive.”
  • McGill Tribune, Jan 19 2010: “Far from home and close to danger in the Gaza Strip”: Report falsely claimed that Israel’s 2009 defensive military operation in Gaza resulted in 1200 Palestinian civilian casualties and destroyed Palestinian hospitals. Report revised and correction issued: “Correction: The original version of this article incorrectly spelled Rachel Corrie. The article incorrectly noted the number of civilian casualties in Operation Cast Lead. Originally, the article claimed that the Cast Lead resulted in 1200 civilian casualties; but in fact, according to B’tselem, there were 773 civilian casualties. The article also incorrectly noted that Israeli air strikes destroyed Palestinian hospitals. The Tribune regrets the error.”
  • Globe and Mail, March 17 2009: “An article entitled ‘York wants more civil Israeli-Palestinian debate’ was accompanied by a photo with the caption ‘Israeli students protest at York University last month.’ Correction issued, stating ‘A photograph yesterday showed some Jewish, not Israeli, students at York University.'” Correction issued.
  • Globe and Mail, June 25 2008: “Signs at a March 20th Student protest at the University of Toronto, referred to in Saturday’s newspaper, alleged, among other things, ‘Israeli apartheid.'” Correction issued.
  • Concordia Link, Oct 16 2007: Retraction – “The Link published on Sept. 11 an opinion piece (“Living with Terrorists” Vol 28, Iss. 4) stating that Israeli soldiers executed three men in the West Bank city of Nablus. While Ra’ed Abul al-Adas was, in fact, shot and killed by soldiers, Mahmoud Fatayer and Wajde Amude were killed in an explosion, the responsibility for which has not been claimed. Moreover, the piece also claimed an individual’s back was broken by soldiers in his home. This is incorrect, as the man was stopped on Rafiyah Street by soldiers and sustained vertebrae and tissue damage. The Link apologizes to its readers and regrets the inaccuracies.”