CBC The Sunday Edition

October 19, 2023: CBC Radio Interviews Two Guests, A Jewish & A Palestinian Canadian Who Accuse Israel of Oppressing Palestinians & Morally Equate Israel & Hamas

November 4, 2013: After Maligning the Israel Defense Forces, CBC’s Atonement Falls Short: CBC Sunday Edition indicted the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for almost everything under the sun in a close to 25-minute interview that contained numerous errors, lacked necessary context, and which unfairly maligned Israel’s army. This production, along with the CBC’s failure to adequately atone for its journalistic lapses, led to the demonization of Israel’s armed forces, for which, no remedy is sufficient.

June 19, 2011:  CBC Radio’s ““The Sunday Edition” news program interviewed anti-Israel Haaretz correspondent Amira Hass. In the introduction to the interview, CBC anchor Michael Enright falsely claimed that Israel was “occupying” the Gaza Strip. After HRC complained to senior CBC editors, CBC acknowledged and regretted that they had made an error, while committing to revise the on-line version of the introduction to reflect accurate information.