West Bank

September 5, 2023: Success! Associated Press, The Toronto Star, CTV News & National Post Amend Headlines After Failing To Identify Dead Palestinian As A Terrorist Gunman May 9, 2023: After HRC lodged a complaint with the Toronto Star for failing to properly label dead Palestinians as terrorists, The Toronto Star amended its post to acknowledge that […]


May 20, 2022: Success! Saltwire Deletes Letter Which Falsely Claimed Israel Withdrawing Jews From Hebron

Prince George Citizen

January 18, 2022: HRC prompted the Prince George Citizen to correct columnist Gerry Chidiac’s falsely claiming that “millions of Jews” support the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

CBC Olympics

August 9, 2021: At the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics on July 23, a moment of silence was held for the first time for the 11 Israeli victims of the Munich massacre carried out by the Black September Palestinian terror group in 1972. However, instead of covering this historic and important tribute, CBC elected […]


November 2, 2020: No CP24, Israel’s PM didn’t endorse U.S. President Trump, after HRC filed a complaint, the report was removed from the broadcast schedule.