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Marcus Gee: "Why Canada Must Stand With Israel"

by Mike Fegelman

MarcusgeeGlobe and Mail columnist Marcus Gee describes the current crisis as a defining moment of confrontation between militant extremism and democracy, which requires Canada to stand with Israel:

"The leading role of Iran and its militant proxies make this Middle East conflict different from those that have gone before. When Israel was up against Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Jordan, the old anti-Zionist axis, there was at least a hope that the conflict could be defused by settling the Palestinian issue, trading occupied Palestinian land for Arab recognition of Israel.

What chance is there that Iran, which wants Israel wiped off the map, would go for that? Notice that both recent attacks on Israel have come from land that Israel has already handed over: southern Lebanon in 2000 and Gaza last year. The message from the militant powers could not be clearer: Go ahead, give us back our land. We will still attack and we will keep attacking till you are finished. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah calls Palestine an ‘occupied land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River’ — a span that includes all of Israel.

Now that the extremists have hijacked the dispute with Israel, it is futile to rattle on, as outside powers used to do, about the ‘peace process’ and the ‘road map’ and ‘land for peace.’ As much as Palestinians deserve a country of their own, these are useless antiques in today’s struggle. What the world needs to do is recognize the new reality and stand with Israel as it combats this remorseless enemy — a threat not just to the Jewish state but to the whole democratic world."



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