Man-Made or Self-Made Disaster?

March 17, 2010

In an opinion piece published recently in the London Free Press, writer Eaman Fahmy states that the international community has “failed” in its moral responsibility to come to the aid of Gazans following Israel’s 2009 military operation in Gaza. Mr. Fahmy goes on to argue that just as the international community has come to the aid of Haitians following the violent earthquake which killed more than 200,000 people, it must also do the same for the people of Gaza without making an “irrelevant” distinction between a natural disaster and a man-made one. At no point in the piece does Mr. Fahmy mention the 10,000 Palestinian rocket attacks launched by Hamas against Israel which spurred Israel’s 2009 defensive operation in Gaza. Perhaps Mr. Fahmy also feels that information which could help Free Press readers make a distinction between a “man-made disaster” and a “self-made disaster” is also “irrelevant”.

Writer Alan Perlmutter responds to Mr. Fahmy by reminding him of the responsibility that Hamas and the Arab world bears for allowing Gaza to fall into misery.
Read Eaman Fahmy’s opinion piece: “World fails people of Gaza
Read Alan Perlmutter’s rebuttal: “Israel once more steps up to the plate


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