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Major Dailies Comment on Palestinian "Civil War"

by Mike Fegelman

Civilwar_1 As Gaza continued its slide toward all-out civil war, editorial writers at major Canadian dailies weighed in on the latest developments:

National Post: Gaza ignites ? Dec. 18/06
"As usual when the region’s Arab hotheads reach for their guns and bombs, it is ordinary Palestinians who will suffer most. The only consolation is that, with Hamas and Fatah partisans training their weapons on each other, there will be fewer terrorist recruits available to explode themselves in

Globe & Mail: Abbas?s election plan is the sanest course ? Dec. 19/06
"In calling for early presidential and legislative elections, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has acted with welcome decisiveness in the face of rising factional violence, political paralysis and a complete breakdown of civil order in Gaza… Hamas has failed to grow into the democratic clothing it donned to score its legislative victory. The group continues to espouse terrorism, encourages its adherents to take up arms illegally and appears incapable of reaching a political compromise with Mr. Abbas that would forge a government of national unity capable of restoring international aid and reopening negotiations with Israel on a future Palestinian state."

Toronto Star: Time to relaunch Mideast peace bid ? Dec. 19/06
"Palestinians made a tragic blunder when they elected a Hamas regime that seeks Israel’s destruction. They need to walk away from that mistake… To help bring about a change of heart, Prime Minister Stephen Harper should encourage Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to meet Abbas for talks and to build on Israel’s commitment to establish a Palestinian state if Palestinians themselves choose the path of peace."

Ottawa Citizen: Self inflicted wounds ? Dec. 19/06
"The juxtaposition is disorienting: The Palestinians live in a Third World disaster zone wracked with religious extremism, poverty and tribal divisions that pit neighbour against neighbour. Hop over to Israel, a taxi ride away, and suddenly you’re in the equivalent of Toronto or Boston — cosmopolitan, open, modern, wealthy… There’s a chance the Palestinians will soon have another election. The whole world is watching, all in the hope that someday the Palestinians might give Israel a reason to remove that fence."

Montreal Gazette: Ordinary Palestinians victims again ? Dec. 19/06
"Holding new elections after just 11 months is a debatable tactic, but the idea is a legitimate one, hardly undemocratic in the PA context. Many around the world have welcomed the idea of new elections… Anarchy in the Palestinian territories is in no one’s interest. A new election can hardly cause more damage than has been visited on Gaza in the last year. On this issue, we cast our vote with Abbas."

Chronicle Herald: Palestine?s paralysis ? Dec. 19/06
"A national unity government with Fatah is not the best solution to Hamas? intransigence. But it?s the only one that offers Hamas any hope of functioning in government."



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