Maclean's Writer: Israel "Intransigent"

August 8, 2006

MacIn today’s Maclean’s magazine, Charlie Gillis identifies Israel as an obstacle to peace, and Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert as a hard-liner:

"Even as Israel was rejecting peace talks, there were signs of movement in Gaza… But if Israeli intransigence was blocking resolution at one end of the country, it may have paid unexpected dividends at the other… But the alternative — all-out war that could shatter Israel and, with it, any hope of a peaceful Palestinian state — is a prospect not even Ehud Olmert could soften with well-chosen words."

Gillis also repeats a claim that has been widely discredited:

"Israeli bombs killed at least 54 civilians in the Lebanese village of Qana."

On August 4, Canadian media reported that the Qana death-toll had been revised from 54 to 28.

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