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LISTEN: The Shadow War Between Israel and Iran (The Honest Report Podcast)

by Mike Fegelman

You probably didn’t hear this update in the news yet, but it’s absolutely true: Israel and Iran are at war.

Now, before you go to Google and start feverishly checking for a headline about Israeli warplanes over the skies of Tehran, let me be more specific. Israel and Iran are in a state of war, but not quite in the sense that most of us think. Israel and Iran are at war, with real weapons, real rockets, real guns and real casualties. In other words; this is not a cold war, but very much a hot one. So why aren’t we reading headlines about fighter jet battles in the skies? Because unlike most armed conflicts, this one is taking place just below the surface, between proxies and allies, terrorist groups and spies, and much of what is taking place, even if reported by the media, gets just a minor mention.

Today is April 11 and news swirled about a cyber attack by the Israeli Mossad against Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility which caused extensive damage to Iran’s main uranium enrichment facility. Iran first said an “accident” occurred but later blamed the attck on “terrorism”.

This is the shadow war taking place between Israel and Iran.

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