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Letter Writers Challenge "Anti-Semitic" and "Ill-Chosen" Photo Published by The Windsor Star

by Mike Fegelman

On May 19, the Windsor Star published this photograph appended to an article about Libya and how some of Moammar Gaddafi’s family members fled to Tunisia:       

In response, Star letter writers questioned the editorial choice that went into selecting this photo. An official with the Windsor Jewish Federation wrote: “The photo of a doll’s head identified as an effigy of Moammar Gadhafi was a bizarre and ill-chosen graphic to accompany the article. Ill-chosen, because it bore no relation to the content of the article, and bizarre because the doll’s head bore a prominent Star of David on it forehead, as well as painted horns and bloody mouth. If the caption is truly an effigy of Colonel Gadhafi, who was and remains a lifelong enemy of the State of Israel, it is a discouraging commentary on the Libyan rebellion.” While another letter writer charged that the Windsor Star “disseminated the decades old anti-Semitic image of the bloodthirsty traitorous Jew to your entire readership.”

You be the judge. Should the Windsor Star have published this photo?



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