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Letter Writer Takes Halifax Herald to Task

by Mike Fegelman

Writing in the Halifax/Chronicle Herald, letter writer Mike Forsythe took issue with the Herald’s recent coverage of the Dimona suicide bombing and the newspaper’s own photographic judgment.

According to the letter printed in today’s edition of the Herald aptly headlined "Media biased":

"In the aftermath of the Dimona suicide bombing and subsequent rcket barrage injuring six in Sderot, your Feb. 6 headline "Israel kills 8 militants" typifies the disgraceful tendency of our media to minimize the barbarity of Palestinian terrorists by presenting Israel?s lame efforts at self-defence as the casus belli.

The text described the suicide bombing as the "first suicide mission in over a year," which is grotesquely incorrect. There?ve been many, many recent attempts to smuggle human bombs into Israel and the West Bank. Dimona merely marks the first "success;" Israel?s arrest or killing of other hopeful "martyrs" are typically chalked up as "Zionist war crimes."Jrl111_aptopix_midea065752_provin_3

On Feb. 7, you ran "Israeli girls injured in rocket attack," only to insert a picture of Gazans grieving over the deaths Hamas members! Other than to obscure the facts and transfer sympathy from the victims to the terrorists, why would you show something so wildly inappropriate? One picture illustrating the death and havoc wrought by thousands of Palestinian rockets and mortars fired would be more relevant.

Or if you simply must show pictures of Palestinians, why not run the Reuters photos of Gazans distributing candy and flowers to celebrate the fact that a suicide bomber had killed a 73-year-old woman and injured 40 others? That?s relevant."



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