Lecture: Middle East Crises of 2011 and Disasters of 2012? An Optimistic Assessment by Prof. Barry Rubin

October 24, 2011

HonestReporting Canada is proud to be a co-sponsor of the Speakers Action Group event "Disasters of 2012? An Optimistic Assessment" featuring Middle East expert Dr. Barry Rubin speaking on the past Mideast crisis of 2011 and what the future holds for the region. The event will be held on Thursday November 10 at 8pm at Beth Tikvah Synagogue in Toronto.

Here’s a teaser for what your "With so many crises – Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sunnis, Shias, Palestinians, Obama Policy – threats to Israel’s security, Dr. Barry Rubin will help provide clarity on present realities in the Middle East."

Mr. Rubin is the Director of the GLORIA Center, The Rubin Report blog, featured columnist at Pajamas Media, Editor MERIA Journal, Editor Turkish Studies, and author of over 23 books. Barry Rubin is considered one of Israel’s most brilliant Middle East experts.


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