Le Devoir Cartoon Co-Opts George Floyd’s Murder for Anti-Israel Propaganda Purposes

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Today, on the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, Le Devoir prominently published a cartoon by Godin which depicted an Israeli soldier placing his knee on the neck of an innocent Palestinian, suffocating him to death, in a cynical and odious attempt to draw an analogy to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police wielding unwarranted and abusive force.

Not only is the cartoon offensive and the analogy drawn erroneous, it’s also highly disrespectful to the Floyd family as Le Devoir and cartoonist Godin have co-opted their suffering – on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death no less – to advance anti-Israel propaganda.

In truth, Israeli police and soldiers endeavour to act with the utmost restraint and to safeguard innocent life when faced with violent Palestinian rioters and armed Palestinian terrorists. There is no comparison to the murder of George Floyd, an innocent African American man who was murdered by police during an arrest after a store clerk suspected he may have used counterfeit money in Minneapolis. This is just the latest shameful and reprehensible attempt at applying intersectionality to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Shame on Le Devoir and cartoonist Godin for trying to co-opt the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd for anti-Israel propaganda purposes. Send letters, preferably in French if you can, to: lettres@ledevoir.com.


In Tweets sent by Le Devoir Editor-in-Chief Brian Myles to Norman Spector, journalist and former Canadian ambassador to Israel, Myles tacitly defended Le Devoir’s cartoon by bizarrely asserting that the paper recognizes Israel’s right to exist and that Le Devoir still supports the principle of the Oslo Accords: security against territory, and recognition of two states, Israel and Palestine.

Question to Mr. Myles: Does Le Devoir support the fanning of flames of antisemitism?

La caricature de LeDevoir utilise le meurtre de George Floyd dans un but de propagande anti-israélienne.

Aujourd’hui, à l’occasion du premier anniversaire du meurtre de George Floyd, Le Devoir a publié en évidence une caricature de Godin qui représente un soldat israélien plaçant son genou sur le cou d’un Palestinien innocent, l’étouffant à mort, dans une tentative cynique et odieuse de faire une analogie avec le meurtre de George Floyd par la police de Minneapolis qui a fait usage d’une force injustifiée et abusive.

Honte au Devoir et au caricaturiste Godin qui tentent de profiter de l’anniversaire du meurtre de George Floyd à des fins de propagande anti-Israël.


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