Kindergarten Attack Among Others Directed at Israelis In and Around Jerusalem

January 30, 2013

Israelis (even kindergartners) were recently attacked in and around Jerusalem, but you have to read Israeli newspapers to be informed about them:

On Sunday evening, a bus traveling from Jerusalem to a Jewish community just north of the city was damaged in a Palestinian stone-throwing attacks. Because the stones managed to penetrate the bulletproof glass, it was at first reported as a shooting attacks.

Also on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Israeli security forces in at least three separate incidents caught would-be Arab assailants in possession of pipe bombs.

Earlier on Sunday, an Arab man assaulted a Jew in the capital’s Givat Shaul neighborhood, according to Israel National News. The attack resulted in a riot that saw dozens of Jews and Arabs face off in violent confrontation.

Near the Old City, police officers sent to demolish two illegally built Arab structures were attacked by a mob, and one officer sustained light injuries.

South of Jerusalem, in the Judean town of Hebron, Arab stone-throwers attacked a kindergarten in Hebron’s main Jewish enclave.

Israeli security officials have noted a significant rise in the number of attacks in and around Jerusalem in recent months, both armed attacks and “popular” attacks, which means the assailants use Molotov cocktails and stones instead of guns and knives.


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