Journalists Not Safe in Gaza: RWB

December 29, 2006

News_55331 The Jerusalem Post picked up on a new report by Reporters Without Borders (RWB) which stated that "Journalists are no longer safe in the Gaza Strip".

According to the Post: "RWB… scathed Palestinian factions ‘that do not hesitate to target media that criticize them.’"

"In the past year, ‘Palestinian militants caused damage to seven news media by setting them on fire or smashing equipment, and attacked at least four journalists… [and] six foreign journalists have been kidnapped by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip,’ says RWB."

Meanwhile, RWB’s ‘Press Freedom Index’ for 2006 places Canada in 16th place, Israel 50th, and the U.S. 53rd among 168 country’s surveyed.

But how did the rest of the Middle East fare?  No big surprises there:

  • Lebanon (107)
  • Afghanistan (130)
  • Egypt (133)
  • Palestinian Authority (134)
  • Sudan (139)
  • Libya (152)
  • Syria (153)
  • Iraq (154)
  • Saudi Arabia (161)
  • Iran (162)


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