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Jonathan Kay Takes Avi Lewis To Task

by Mike Fegelman

Ayaanhirsiali The National Post’s Jonathan Kay took umbrage with an Avi Lewis interview (watch it here) of Ayaan Hirsi Ali (pictured) on his show CBC On the Map:

"Over the summer, when Somali-born writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali was promoting her new book about the atrocities she’d endured in the name of Islam, she ended up on Avi Lewis’ CBC television talk show, On The Map. The result, recorded for posterity on the Web, was one of those over-the-top examples of left-wing bias that critics of the CBC are forever mass-forwarding to one another."

Meanwhile, an anonymous letter writer wrote to Kay about Lewis "left wing bias":

?He was in Jamaica at a reggae music festival and he took to interviewing a young  Israeli.  Like so many in the crowd, the Israeli seemed to be there to  just enjoy himself – get stoned, explore the world, take a break after  school/army/work/whatever and have a fun and worldly experience before  moving on to the more serious phases of life and ‘settling down’.  Avi Lewis turned the interview of a young ‘hippie’-type, who was more than likely a serious peacenik, on its ear.  He managed to focus the talk straight in the direction of the ‘atrocities’ of the Israeli state.  It  was designed to goad the young Israeli into shame and a sort of apology on  behalf of his country?



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