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Israeli Soldiers Die to Save Lebanese Civilians

by Mike Fegelman

WoundedWhile some Canadian reporters imply that Israeli forces intentionally attack civilians, an article in the Jerusalem Post tells a different story: Israeli soldiers are dying in close-quarters combat because Israel refuses to indiscriminately bomb civilian areas.

"On Wednesday, a well-planned Hizbullah ambush on the outskirts of the southern Lebanese village of Bint Jbail devastated Battalion 51 of the Golani Brigade, leaving eight soldiers, including three officers, dead and 22 wounded.

As the troops moved through the narrow alleyways, a strong Hizbullah force sent a wave of gunfire and missiles at the force, killing and wounding several soldiers in the first moments of the fight.

A high-ranking source in the Northern Command told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday that Bint Jbail could not be attacked by air since there were still several hundred civilians there. The officer said that the fighting in the town would continue at least for a day or two."



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