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by Mike Fegelman
  • May 20, 2022: Success! Saltwire Deletes Letter Which Falsely Claimed Israel Withdrawing Jews From Hebron
  • March 30, 2022: Ottawa Citizen Publishes Corrective Noting Israeli Condemnation of Russia’s War on Ukraine
  • March 14, 2022: HRC Prompts Toronto Star Corrective: Israeli law doesn’t prohibit Arab citizens from purchasing homes
  • June 16, 2021: HRC Prompts CBC To Remove False Claim That Netanyahu Opposes Palestinian Statehood
  • Ottawa Citizen: April 8, 2019: CORRECTION: “The original version of this article said the Israeli prime minister had been indicted. In fact, Israel’s attorney general has recommended indicting him on bribery and breach of trust charges, but a determination of whether to do so may take months.”
  • Globe and Mail: October 20, 2015: Editor’s note: In an earlier version of this editorial, the last line stated that Mr. Abbas and former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon should move on. It has been corrected to say that Mr. Abbas and current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should move on.
  • Toronto Star: October 20, 2015: Correction: Benjamin Netanyahu is the prime minister of Israel. An Oct. 17 World Weekly column about the urgent phone calls Canada’s new prime minister should make mistakenly referred to Netanyahu as Israel’s president.
  • Globe and Mail: March 20, 2015: HRC Prompts Globe Clarification: Report on Israeli Elections Wasn’t Properly Identified as “Analysis”
  • CBC Online: March 19, 2015: HRC Prompts CBC Correction: Netanyahu Didn’t Backtrack on Renouncing “One-State Solution”
  • March 6, 2015: CBC corrects claim that Netanyahu’s speech to Congress opposing Iranian nuclear deal was all about electioneering.
  • August 13, 2014: Toronto Star Deletes False Quote About David Ben-Gurion: Clarification: Aug. 13, 2014: The letter above was edited from a previous version that included a disputed quotation attributed to David Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel. The Star could not verify the quote.
  • Oct 6 2009: Report incorrectly stated that Benjamin Netanyahu was the “former Israeli” pm, vs. the “current’. Article was amended online with the correct information.
  • Globe and Mail, Feb 27 2009: “Kadima leader Tzipi Livni is no longer demanding the Israeli prime ministership as a condition for joining Benjamin Netanyahu in a coalition government. Incorrect information appeared yesterday.” Correction issued.
  • Windsor Star, Sept 19 2008: Headline states “New Israeli PM feels heat” and incorrectly depicts Tzipi Livni as the new Israeli PM. Correction issued.
  • Toronto Sun, May 14 2008: “A caption under a photo of Israeli PM Ehud Olmert in the May 10 Sun was incorrect in saying Olmert admitted wrong in taking cash from a US financier. Olmert denied any wrongdoing.” Correction issued.
  • Kingston Whig Standard, March 6 2008: “In an Associated Press story that appeared in yesterday’s Whig-Standard, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was quoted as saying that Israel might be forced to send troops back into Gaza. However, officials in her office clarified that she was referring to a military operation, not reoccupation.” Correction issued.
  • Toronto Sun, March 4 2008: “A photo in yesterday’s Sun was misidentified as Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak with a quote attributed to him. The photo was of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. In the first paragraph of the wire story on Gaza peace talks, the word Palestinian was changed to Palestine. The Sun regrets the errors.” Correction issued.
  • National Post, March 4 2008: Correction Issued: “Incorrect information appeared in a review of Anna Porter’s book, Kasztner’s Train, in Saturday’s Books pages. It was the Mapai (Labour) government that launched a libel suit against Malkiel Gruenwald; and three assailants shot Rezso Kasztner dead.”
  • Globe and Mail, Feb 1 2008: “David (Dado) Elazar, the chief of general staff of the Israeli Defence Forces during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, died while swimming in 1976. He was incorrectly said to have committed suicide in yesterday’s newspaper.” Correction issued.
  • CTV News, Nov 26 2007: “CTV.ca and Newsnet both reported yesterday that ‘Police raid (Israeli Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert’s offices’ in a super below the report and in a graphic in an online article. Contrary to this statement, the police raid of more than 20 government buildings and private offices Sunday did not include a raid at the Prime Minister’s own offices.”  A CTV producer apologized for the error and reprimanded her staff writers.
  • Vancouver Province, Sept 11 2007: “Israeli President Shimon Peres said last week that he was “more optimistic” about the possibility for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  A headline in Friday’s paper attributed his comments to Israel’s prime minister.” Correction issued.
  • Toronto Star, August 7 2007 “Former Israeli president Moshe Katsav pleaded guilty to several charges of indecent assault, sexual harassment and obstruction of justice, for which he received a suspended sentence. Incorrect information was published in a July 30 article about rapid growth in Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.” Correction issued.
  • Regina Leader Post, Jan 30 2007: “A headline on Page A1 of Monday’s Leader-Post, ‘Israel on the brink of civil war,’ presented a misleading representation of the current situation in Israel. The potential for civil war is on Israel’s southern and northern borders, not in Israel itself.” Correction issued.
  • CBC Online, Jan 29 2007: Article misspelled Israeli Ambassador, Alan Baker’s name. Article corrected online.
  • CBC The Current, Aug. 10, 2006: Host falsely claimed that a gay pride parade in Jerusalem would be held shortly, however the event was cancelled because of the security concerns due to the Hezbollah-Israel conflict. On-air correction issued.
  • CTV News, Dec 5 2005: Video footage of Israeli checkpoint included in an online story about domestic Israeli politics without appropriate context. Error admitted; footage removed.



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