Israeli MK Shocked by Encounter with Journalists: "They Swallow Lies and Don't Fact Check".

Israeli Knesset Minister Ayelet Shaked expressed shock following a meeting with British Journalists on Tuesday, in which they parroted baseless libels from Arab sources without first checking their facts. At the meeting, the journalists told Shaked that at a briefing in Ramallah, ” 60 Arabs were killed by Jews in the last year and that settlers shoot at innocent Palestinians with sniper rifles from within settlements”.

Shaked cyncially remarked: “It’s lucky they didn’t tell them that the settlers use the blood of Palestinian children to bake Passover matzah,” referencing an ancient blood libel charge that was historically used numerous times to justify violent anti-Semitism in Europe.

Shaked noted that “the Palestinians continue to spread anti-Semitic blood libels of the worst kind. It’s a shame that the Israeli left and the Western world swallows these lies with no hesitation.”

It’s called media bias.

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