Israeli Journalists Quit International Group

July 20, 2006

IfjA group of Israeli journalists renounced their membership in the International Federation of Journalists today, after the organization stood by its condemnation of Israel for bombing Hezbollah’s propaganda TV station ‘Al-Manar.’

Almanar_1 The United States classifies Al-Manar as a terrorist organization, and its broadcasts have been banned by the European Union, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, and the United States. As of August 2005, Al-Manar is apparently no longer available in Canada.

A group called Coalition Against Terrorist Media defended Israel’s right to attack Hezbollah’s TV station, arguing that:

"Hezbollah uses al-Manar to recruit terrorists, incite violent attacks, conduct operational surveillance, raise funding and communicate with its forces. Israel has every right to defend itself. This attack was meant to cripple Hezbollah’s communications at a time when it holds two Israeli soldiers hostage and is indiscriminately attacking Israeli civilians."

Meanwhile, Hezbollah kidnapped two British journalists and their Lebanese assistants in a public park in Beirut today, according to Lebanese security forces. They were later released.


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