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by Mike Fegelman
  • January 9, 2023: National Post & Postmedia Papers Correct False Reference To Temple Mount Being A “Muslim Site” After HRC Complaint
  • Globe and Mail: August 2, 2011: Correction: “David Ben Gurion declared the state of Israel at Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, Israel, not at the French hotel le Royal Monceau. Incorrect information appeared in Wednesday’s paper.”
  • CBC Online, April 2 2008: “A story published April 1st about Israeli settlement activity described neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem as disputed. In fact, Israel annexed East Jerusalem after the 1967 war and it is considered to be occupied territory like the West Bank.” Correction issued.
  • CBC News: Our World, Jan 17 2008: Apology – According to a senior editor: “On November 27, you wrote to draw our attention to a statement you feel is “either intentionally misleading or extremely ignorant” on the November 24 edition of CBC NEWS: OUR WORLD. In introducing a documentary by the CBC’s Don Murray, program host Brian Stewart said, in part, Israel was created “beside territory long regarded in the Middle East as Palestinian.”  I fully understand that the issue about who has the more established history in the territory and therefore the better claim to it is a particularly controversial one. He might have better said, “…long regarded in the Middle East as theirs by the people who lived there.”
  • CBC Morning News, Jan 17 2008: Apology – According to a senior editor: “On November 28, you wrote concerning a report by CBC correspondent Nahlah Ayed on the November 27 edition of CBC NEWS: MORNING.  Ms. Ayed said, “erroneously,” you wrote, “In a couple of days, it’s going to be the 60th anniversary of the UN vote to partition what is now Israel into two states for the Palestinians and the Israelis.” In fact, you wrote, the Partition plan called for two states: one for Arabs and one for Jews, not one for Palestinians and one for Israelis. Of course, you are right. The November 29, 1947, United Nations General Assembly vote on the Partition Plan for Palestine would have divided the British Mandate territory into Jewish and Arab states (plus an area under international control).”
  • CBC Online, July 17 2008: CBC News writes Kantar “allegedly killed” a father in front of his four-year old daughter. This report changed to “Kantar was convicted in four deaths after a notorious 1979 attack in the northern coastal town of Nahariya.”
  • Globe and Mail, July 15 2008: “A timeline of the Middle East conflict yesterday omitted the 1973 Yom Kippur War and mistakenly said that Israel attacked Jordan at the start of the Six Day War of 1967, when the opposite was true.” Correction issued.
  • Toronto Star, May 8 2008: “The Soviet Union supported the establishment of Israel in 1948 and did not supply arms to its Arab adversaries, as was incorrectly stated in a May 6 article about a news conference held by Israeli President Shimon Peres.” Correction issued.
  • Victoria Times, March 12 2008: “The Six Day War in 1967 was fought between Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan and Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Algeria sent aid to the three Arab states. Incomplete information appeared in a story yesterday.” Correction issued.
  • Globe and Mail, Oct 23 2007: “Eastern Jerusalem was annexed by Israel after the 1967 war. Incorrect information appeared in a story from The Guardian in The Globe and Mail of Oct 16.” Correction issued.
  • The Guardian, Oct 22 2007: A report headed “US presses Palestinians and Israel to find common ground” (page 18, October 16) said that Jerusalem had been annexed by Israel after the 1967 war; it should have said East Jerusalem.” Correction issued.
  • City TV, Oct 14 2007: Apology – “Thank you for your email and for drawing my attention to this. The information in question came to us from Reuters, one of our most trusted news sources. In this case, as your message suggests, it appears the information was not as precise as it should have been. I regret if this upset you or any members of your organization. I can assure you that we always strive for fair, balanced and accurate coverage. We always welcome the opportunity to have a one-on-one dialogue with our viewers. I can only express my regrets once again and assure you that no offense was intended. We thank you for bringing this fine detail to our attention. I have informed the City News International crew. Every care will be taken in the future to make this very delicate distinction. According to a senior producer at City TV in response to an HRC complaint after a City TV host erroneously claimed that Israel annexed Jerusalem after the 1967 war.”
  • CBC Around the World, June 5 2007: Host stated “The beginning of the Six Day War is considered a black day in the West Bank, with the Palestinian defeat complicating the Arab-Israeli conflict.” Correction issued, stating “While reporting on the anniversary of the Six Day War we referred to Israel’s capture of the West Bank and Gaza as a Palestinian defeat, we should have called it an Arab defeat.  Palestinians of course had no military forces in that conflict.”
  • CBC Radio, June 3 2007: “A clarification on a story aired Sunday June 3, marking the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War: The introduction to the story said Israel captured and subsequently annexed all of Jerusalem, we should have said east Jerusalem.”
  • Toronto Sun, Oct 12 2005: “Israeli Nobel Prize winner misidentified. The captions under photos of Nobel winners in economic sciences, Robert J. Aumann and Thomas C. Schelling were transposed in the Toronto Sun yesterday.” Clarification issued.
  • CBC Online, April 7, 2006: “A story published on March 31 about an explosion that killed a Palestinian militant wasn’t updated to include additional information about the cause of the blast. Consequently, CBC.ca had a story that incorrectly attributed the killing of a senior Palestinian militant to the Israeli military. The explosion was, in fact, a car bomb later blamed on a rival Palestinian faction.” Correction issued.



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