Israel: Media Timeline is Wrong

August 4, 2006

Rockets Watching the Canadian media, it’s easy to believe the Israel-Lebanon crisis began with Hezbollah’s July 12 kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers and killing of several others. Not so, says Israel’s embassy in Ottawa: 

"Hizballah?s attacks on Israel did not start on July 12 2006, when Hizballah kidnapped two soldiers and fired rockets into Israel.

Israel has been under attack for six years.

After Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, the United Nations confirmed Israel?s complete withdrawal and called on Lebanon to exercise its sovereignty in southern Lebanon. Despite these calls, Hizballah was allowed to move closer to the border and attack Israeli civilians and soldiers at will, on Israeli soil.

Hoping that the international community and the Lebanese government would restrain Hizballah via peaceful means, Israel exercised enormous restraint and did not retaliate with full-scale military operations against Hizballah. However, Hizballah?s rockets, bunkers and battle positions in South Lebanon were multiplying by the day.

This historical timeline lists Hizballah attacks on Israel that most media outlets in Canada failed to mention. These omissions by the media contributed to the false belief that Israel retaliated to a single attack with a full-scale military operation."

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