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Israel at war with Gaza?

by Mike Fegelman

It’s been an unfortunate media trend since the latest Israeli-Hamas episode in the winter of ‘09 to paint Israel as being at war with the Gaza Strip and with the Palestinian people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Israel left the Gaza Strip in ‘05 in the hopes of achieving peace and a fresh start with its Gazan neighbours. Instead, a reign of terror ensued which eventually forced the IDF into operation “Cast Lead” to neutralize Hamas and to rid the Strip of its terror infrastructure. Israel has never been at war with the Palestinians of Gaza. Instead, the State of Israel has been at war with the Hamas regime running Gaza.
And yet, newspapers across the country continue to stubbornly describe Operation Cast Lead as an “Israeli-Gaza conflict”. Such was the case in the following article recently published in the Daily Gleaner:

Daily Gleaner (before)

HRC Intern Vicky Tobianah set the record straight in this letter to the Editor published in the Gleaner:

Daily Gleaner (after)



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