Is the Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

April 30, 2012

Known for its daily incitement against Israel through its institutionalization of incitement in its official media and education system as documented by NGO’s such as Palestinian Media Watch, the Palestinian Authority, through Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat, has called an Israeli hiking book “incitement against Palestinians”, reports the Vancouver Sun. The book suggests hiking trails in both Israel and the West Bank, and cautions Israelis to “carry a weapon” for security near Arab villages.

In June, 2011, an Israeli driver narrowly escaped a lynch in the East Jerusalem town of Issawiya. The man attempted to take a shortcut through a Palestinian neighborhood in the East Jerusalem. A mob broke through the window of his car an attacked him. His life was saved by a villager who alerted Israeli police to rescue him from the village.

In 2000, a Palestinian mob lynched two Israeli reservists who made a wrong turn into Ramallah.

While the mainstream media has been virtually silent on Palestinian incitement against Israel,  it appears that one accusation of incitement by a Palestinian official is all it takes to get media news coverage on the issue of incitement.

This week, Palestinian Media Watch drew attention to an official Palestinian Authority TV show for children, which had a young girl reciting a poem which said “Our Enemy, Zion, is Satan with a Tail”. The TV host yelled “bravo”.

Hey media outlets, any takers?


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