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Is a Protestant Boycott of Israel Next?

by Mike Fegelman

Fulford With the CUPE-Ontario boycott of Israel still generating controversy, National Post columnist Robert Fulford yesterday condemned an upcoming "ethical investment" plan by Canada’s largest Protestant church as nothing less than another boycott:

?Even if every charge brought against Israel by its critics were true, it would still stand on higher moral ground than most members of the United Nations and all of its enemies. Israel has free speech, independent judges, many political parties and the ability to discuss in public whatever sins its armed forces are accused of committing.

But now the United Church of Canada, in a fit of self-righteousness, has set out to punish Israel for … well, for not meeting the moral standards of the United Church of Canada. At its General Council meeting from Aug. 13-19 in Thunder Bay, Ont., the Church will consider a resolution urging divestment of stocks in companies supporting policies the Church dislikes. Despite a thick wrapping of piety and a euphemistic title, ‘Ethical Investment for Peace in Palestine and Israel,’ it’s a boycott. And it’s not the work of some rogue minority: The proposal and an 18-page background report have clearly been massaged in high-level committees. They are on the way to becoming policy."



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