International Group Of “Publishers For Palestine” Release Statement Glorifying Palestinian Terrorism

One of the most common traits of dictatorial regimes has been the leadership’s opposition to free expression, because it can incite hostility to those in power.

Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist group, is one example of an organization which has fiercely and violently suppressed the ability of its people to express their ideas freely and without fear of retribution.

On November 3, a group of publishers around the world released an open letter entitled: “Publishers for Palestine Statement of Solidarity,” without a hint of irony or self-awareness, that called on the publishing industry to redouble its commitment to “freedom of speech.”

But that letter, from ‘Publishers for Palestine,’ did not target Hamas for its attacks on the cause of free expression. In fact, the open letter did not mention Hamas a single time. The letter instead castigated Israel for its supposed “horrific genocidal acts of violence” against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Throughout the statement, the letter accused Israel of denying the population of Gaza “basic necessities,” utterly ignoring the countless thousands of trucks filled with humanitarian aid sent into the Gaza Strip, coordinated by Israel.

Not only does Israel coordinate the entry of hundreds of humanitarian aid trucks daily into Gaza, Israel has taken steps – unprecedented in the annals of warfare – to minimize civilian casualties, including actively warning Gazans, and sending Israeli soldiers to fight directly in harm’s way, rather than simply targeting Hamas terrorists from the safety of the air.

Predictably, the statement makes no mention of these steps, instead preferring to dishonestly parrot Hamas propaganda and accuse Jerusalem of committing genocide, rather than Hamas, which holds the violent destruction of Israel up as one of its foundational principles.

Accusing Israel of genocide, all while choosing to censor the word Hamas in its entirety, demonstrates either a profound ignorance of the conflict, or more ominously, an attempt to whitewash Hamas’ genocidal attempts to murder as many Israelis as possible.

In fact, the open letter soon veers from fabricating anti-Israel accusations to directly engaging in what could reasonably be seen as glorifying Palestinian terrorism.

The statement repeatedly praised the Palestinian “resistance,” writing that “we defend our right to publish, edit, distribute, share, and debate works that call for Palestinian liberation without recrimination. We know that this is our role in the resistance.”

For those unacquainted, the Palestinian “resistance” is a euphemism that in our view, is widely used as an expression referring to murderous acts of Palestinian terrorism targeting innocent civilians in Israel. On October 7, thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded southern Israel, where they carried out a campaign of mass rape, murder, torture and kidnappings. That is the Palestinian “resistance.”

Like many half-baked anti-Israel statements, the letter accused Israel of practicing “settler-colonialism,” and compared Israel’s existence to the French occupation of Algeria in the 20th century. Terms like “settler-colonialism” means effectively nothing when it is focused on Israel. Despite three thousand years of the Jewish People’s constant habitation in the Land of Israel, Israel, the nation-state of the Jews, is assailed as a modern-day fabrication that has no place in the Middle East, as if it was concocted out of thin air in 1948 when Israel became independent.

The open letter was signed by publishing houses around the world, including hundreds in the United States, others in France, the United Kingdom and elsewhere, as well as a few dozen based in Canada.

The ‘Publishers for Palestine Statement of Solidarity,’ reflects more than just an ignorance of reality; it reflects a complete hostility to the very concept of truth.

Below are the listed Canadian publishers:

ARP Books, Canada

Arsenal Pulp Press, Canada

Between the Lines, Canada

Daraja Press, Canada

Écosociété, Québec, Canada & France

Editions du remue-menage, Québec, Canada

Fernwood Publishing, Canada

Invisible Publishing, Canada

Mémoire d’encrier, Québec, Canada

trace press, Canada

Upping the Anti, Canada

Canadian Dimension, Canada

Pinhole Poetry, Canada

Assembly Press, Canada

Surrey Muse Arts Society, Canada

Arc Poetry Magazine, Canada

Les Pages Noires, Canada

Carnation Zine, Canada

Saffron Press, Canada

Librarie Saint-Henri Books, Canada

Midnight Sun Magazine, Canada

Metonymy Press, Canada

House House Press, Canada

Hungry Zine, Canada

Eyelevel Artist-Run Centre and Bookstore, Canada

Éditions Triptyque, Québec, Canada

Bell Press, Canada

Radiant Press, Canada

Metatron Press, Canada

Art Metropole, Canada

Pink Asparagus, Canada

Groupe Nota bene, Canada

The Polyglot, Canada

Party Trick Press, Canada

Baraka Books, Québec, Canada

Maa Press, Canada

Taba Yensu Press, Canada & Namibia

Textile Magazine, Canada

Playwrights Canada Press, Canada

Book*hug Press, Canada

Freda Press, Canada

Mythic Roads Press, Canada

flo. Literary Magazine, Canada

Montréal Serai, Québec, Canada

Kersplebedeb, Canada

Éditions de la rue Dorion, Canada

Briarpatch Magazine, Canada

Éditions de la Pleine Lune, Québec, Canada

Jamhoor, Canada

Buffalo Berry Press/BlackFlash Magazine, Canada

Gap Riot Press, Canada

Brick Books, Canada

Hamilton Review of Books, Canada

L’Oie de Cravan, Canada

Tradewind Books, ​​Canada

Drawn & Quarterly, Canada


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