In Toronto Star Column, Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow Opines On Middle East While Ignoring Hamas Mobs 

March 21, 2024

Mayor Chow’s March 18 column in the Toronto Star draws a powerful picture of the human suffering that is taking place since Hamas’ unprovoked genocidal attack on southern Israel on October 7.

In her column, Chow also repeats a claim from the United Nations (UN) that “more children have died in Gaza in the past four months than in all the other conflicts in the world combined in the last four years.” That statement, specifically from UNRWA, the disgraced UN agency with ties to terrorism, is almost entirely false.

Those numbers cited by UNRWA come from Hamas, via its so-called “Gaza Ministry of Health,” which does not distinguish between civilians and combatants, and whose figures are statistically highly implausible.  In 2023 just in Nigeria alone, nearly 10,000 innocent Christians were massacred by Islamic terrorist groups, to say nothing of other wars around the world, including in Yemen, Ukraine, Sudan, Syria and more.

While Mayor Chow has literally no control over events thousands of kilometres away, violence is taking place on the streets of Toronto, that continue unabated.

Just in Toronto, anti-Israel demonstrators have illegally blocked roads, threatened members of the public with death, violently assaulted others, protested a historically Jewish hospital (and blocked access of medical personnel), prevented a visiting G7 world leader from speaking, and more.

This violence and lawlessness is taking place in Toronto, enabled by police and political inaction. When crime goes unpunished, it only enables the bad actors.

These demonstrations are against a backdrop of record anti-Jewish hate crimes. On March 18, Toronto police reported that 56 percent of all hate crimes have targeted Jews, and Toronto has seen a whopping 93 percent increase in hate crimes since the Hamas-Israel war began.

In the City of Vaughan, Mayor Steven Del Duca is proposing a bylaw that would prohibit protests near places of worship. It’s a step in the right direction.

Mayor Chow cannot change the events on the other side of the world, but she can here in Toronto, and it’s time she does just that.

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