In Chronicle Herald, HRC Calls Out Letter Writer's Glaring Anti-Israel Bias

August 12, 2015

In the Chronicle Herald today, HRC Research Analyst Josh Benjamin took letter writer Judy Haiven to task for her anti-Israel bias:

Glaring anti-Israel bias

Re: “Israel soft on settlers,” (Aug. 8 letter). Contrary to Judy Haiven’s claims, the recent and deplorable arson attack on a Palestinian home that saw two Palestinians murdered, one an infant, allegedly at the hands of Jewish extremists, has been condemned and denounced by Israelis of all political stripes and throughout the Jewish state.

Indeed, Israel has just arrested nine suspects and has vowed to bring those responsible to justice. Because in Israel, despicable acts like these are publicly derided, whereas in Palestinian society they are praised, glorified and rewarded.

Ms. Haiven’s false claim that Israel hasn’t even looked for any of the attackers is slanderous and creates a false narrative that Israel looks the other way when Israelis attack Palestinians. In truth, Israel cares about catching and prosecuting Israeli terrorists as much as it does Palestinian terrorists.

Importantly, Israel does not illegally occupy the West Bank. Israel acquired this territory during the 1967 Six Day War, a defensive war for Israel, meaning that by international law, it is Israel’s to keep until long-lasting peace is established and terrorist attacks end.

Letters to the editor are a great forum for one to express one’s opinions and to support it with facts. However, in this case, the facts are pushed to the side, and the unfair criticism of Israel prevails.

Josh Benjamin, HonestReporting Canada, Toronto


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