If It Bleeds, It Should Lead – Episode 10 of the Honest Report Podcast

There is a threat that Israelis continue to regularly face which does not attract the media attention that it used to: terrorism.

Just in the last week, there were two separate terror attacks targeting Israelis in Judea & Samaria, commonly called the “West Bank.” The first attack was an attempted suicide stabbing attack by a 60-year-old Palestinian woman. The second attack was a shooting attack by a 44-year-old Palestinian terrorist who killed a 19-year-old Israeli and wounded two other yeshiva (Jewish seminary) students.

The media dictum that “if it bleeds it leads” should be at play here, but regrettably, our media for the most part ignored these attacks and that’s not okay.

I’m Mike Fegelman and welcome to the Honest Report podcast. On Episode 10, find out why this bias by omission is especially pernicious. Please subscribe to our podcast, leave a review and share our show. If you’re interested in sponsoring a podcast, please click here.


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