IDF investigation: Egyptians took part in attack near Eilat

August 24, 2011

Ynet News reports that an army inquiry shows at least three of the terrorists that perpetrated a recent attack against Israelis were Egyptians. Clips and radio communication shows the IDF did everything in its power to prevent Egyptian troops from getting hurt in last week’s multiple terror attacks.

Also according to the IDF investigation, the Egyptian troops noticed the presence of the terrorists even before the attack was launched, but did nothing about it. Only later that evening did an officer and a few soldiers leave their post, evidently to stop the ongoing sniper fire. The terrorists, who were wearing uniforms similar to those of the Egyptian army, resisted.

Possibly at this moment, when the troops and the operatives merged together, the Egyptian soldiers were shot. It remains unclear who fired the deadly shots, as the soldiers’ bodies have yet to be autopsied by the Egyptian authorities.


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