Human Rights Watch Slams Hamas Rocket Fire as War Crime?

August 10, 2009
A recently released Human Rights Watch report and video slams Hamas for firing rockets at Israel. While this is welcome news from the human rights watchdog, the report raises a number of troubling questions: 

1. Why did it take HRW 6 months to issue the report? (Operation Cast Lead ended in January 2009)
2. Why does HRW continue to draw a moral equivalence between terrorist groups and their targets?
3. Why did HRW fail to condemn Hamas’ use of human shields?
4. Why is Israel blamed for Hamas rocket fire from populated areas?
5. Why is there no effort to uncover details of weapons smuggling into Gaza?
6. Why does HRW continue to falsify history in order to attack Israel?

Prof. Gerald Steinberg of Jerusalem-based research organization NGO Monitor suggests some answers:

“While containing no new information, this report might have had an impact if HRW published it six months ago. The fact that it is only now on their agenda exposes their biased priorities. The timing might indicate HRW’s effort to use this report to divert attention from the Saudi fundraising controversy, and as a fig leaf to cover the disproportionate focus on Israel”.

Read more in today’s article of the day: “Watchdog condemns ‘war crimes’ by Hamas”  

Human Rights Watch Slams Hamas Rocket Fire as War Crime‎


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