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Huffington Post Commentator Denounces Toronto Anti-Zionist Groups for Inciting Hatred

by Mike Fegelman

In an Op-ed in Huffington Post Canada, poet and journalist Tahir Gora reveals that two Toronto-based  groups, “Canadians against Blasphemy” and “Canadians against Bloodshed”,  are in fact the same, with the same organizers and speakers. “Canadians against Blasphemy” staged a rally outside the U.S. Consulate in Toronto last September in the wake of worldwide protests against the infamous Innocence of Muslims movie trailer. In that protest they distributed the flyer that stated in bold caps “THE JEWISH PURPOSE THUS SERVED.”

And now “Canadians Against Bloodshed” has charged that “Zionist plots” are behind the recent massacre of the Hazara community Shias in Balochistan. The poster of this protest clearly reads “Long live Shia Sunny Unity — Down with Zionist plots”.

Says Gora: “It clearly shows that the group’s ulterior motive is to create hatred against Jews locally in Toronto.
That behaviour should be unacceptable. Unfortunately, there is a blurry line between anti-zionism and anti-semitism.

The groups and people carrying with hatred of Jews sometimes use “Zionist Plots” sort of connotations in order to show their contempt tactfully.

It’s time to confront such extremists and theorists amongst us in Canada who high jack every occasion of sorrow and who put blames of our own illnesses to Jews and rest of the world.

A first ever formed Muslim Committee against Anti-Semitism in Toronto is holding a seminar next month to challenge such conspiracy theorists’ attempts to distract Muslims from their real problems.

That would be a good beginning of confronting a tiny majority of Islamists by silent majority of ordinary Muslims in context of curbing anti-Semitic behaviours prevailing amongst us”.




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stevieb February 18, 2013 - 3:28 pm

Sorry, boys and girls – nobody, particularly anti-Zionists(Canadians) – cares a rat’s arse whether the ‘Huffington Post’ attacks their noble cause – the “Huffington Post” is a Zionist psy-op(propaganda posing as ‘liberalism’) that’s supports Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and their illegal and genocidal attacks on the Palestinain, Lebanese and Syrian peoples. And no, you don’t have a factual and considered response. But you do have unsourced, ad hominem attacks on smart and intelligent Canadians…and that’s all you’ll ever have.
But why not give it a shake? Make my job that much easier…


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