HRC Subscriber Rebuts The Hill Times Oped: One-sided, Biased Narrative In Op-ed On Palestinian Women And Girls

March 21, 2024

On March 20, HRC subscriber J. Breslin was published in The Hill Times in response to an op-ed by Katherine Bullock, Tazeen Hasan and Nawel Hamidi, who lamented the Trudeau government’s supposed silence amid the Hamas-Israel war, demanding that he castigate Israel, by saying that he is betraying his own feminist views.

Breslin, who wrote the letter based on our original alert from March 12, pushed back against this op-ed, exposing that the writers silenced Israeli female voices by glaringly omitting the suffering of Israeli women and girls affected by the same conflict, as well as the heinous acts committed by Hamas on October 7th, including the murder, rape and sexual violence of Israeli women and the ongoing hostage crisis. This was not just an oversight, but a disturbing bias.

One-sided, biased narrative in op-ed on Palestinian women and girls, says Toronto letter writer

Re: “Trudeau’s feminist policies have failed Palestinian women and girls,” (The Hill Times, March 8). I am writing to express my profound disappointment with the recent article by Katherine Bullock, Tazeen Hasan, and Nawel Hamidi. While the authors emphasize the need to support Palestinian women and girls, they glaringly omit the suffering of Israeli women and girls affected by the same conflict. Their piece, written on International Women’s Day, ironically silences Israeli female voices, directly contradicting the ethos of the day. The omission of the heinous acts committed by Hamas on Oct. 7, 2023—including the murder and sexual abuse of Israeli women and the ongoing hostage crisis—is not just an oversight, but a disturbing bias. By not mentioning Hamas even once, the authors fail to address the core perpetrator of these atrocities.

Moreover, the reliance on sources like the Gaza health ministry and Euro-Med, both with questionable credibility and alleged links to Hamas, further undermines the objectivity of the article. The writers’ avoidance of the complex relationship between the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East and Hamas, and their ignorance of the terror group’s misogynistic governance and treatment of women is deeply troubling. The utilization of data from biased sources, without questioning their accuracy or acknowledging the context of these figures, portrays a one-sided narrative. This is not just an editorial failing, but also a disservice to the readers and to the principles of balanced journalism. As a reader, I expect a fair representation of all sides in a conflict, especially when discussing human rights issues. This article fails to meet that standard, and I urge you to reconsider the editorial stance that allows for such biased narratives.

J. Breslin
Toronto, Ont.


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