HRC Subscriber Rebuts Michael Harris In The Hill Times: Netanyahu Not Alone In His Motives

April 18, 2024

On April 16, HRC subscriber Larry Shapiro, was published in The Hill Times, after HonestReporting Canada published an alert to an op-ed by Michael Harris on April 8, where Harris condemned Israel for fighting in a Gaza hospital and accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (and Israel) of carrying out a war of “rage and vengeance” against Hamas.

Larry Shapiro rebutted these baseless accusations, stating that no matter who is in charge, Israelis are united in their effort to ensure that Hamas is completely eliminated from Gaza.

Netanyahu not alone in his motives, says Calgary reader

Re: “Who can stop Benjamin Netanyahu?” (The Hill Times, April 8, p. 10). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not the only politician more “concerned about his political survival than the national interest.” The same can be said about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose every act is calibrated against the size of the voting blocs likely to agree or disagree with his policies. Every statement and proposed legislation by American President Joe Biden is measured against the influence they will have on his re-election. I would suggest that every single political leader is primarily concerned with their re-election. The only exception I can think of was former chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, who accepted office as her civic duty and was happy to leave when her term was completed. 

Israelis want to get rid of Netanyahu not because they doubt his motives for his prosecution of the war—they know that he is totally devoted to protecting the Israeli people—but because the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023, was on his watch. Netanyahu will go, as will the heads of intelligence and the military, who all bear responsibility for the calamity that befell the Israeli people.

Another point of contention is that many Israelis want the hostages back, even if it means abandoning the war, a position not universally shared.

Pro-Palestinians loathe Netanyahu because of his dogged effort to rid Gaza of Hamas. They are mistaken if they think a successor will do anything different.

Larry Shapiro
Calgary, Alta.


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