HRC Subscriber Rebuts Gwynne Dyer In Waterloo Record: Dyer’s Column On Israel’s Strike Was Inaccurate, Unfair

April 18, 2024

On April 16, HRC subscriber Michael Nadel, was published in The Waterloo Record, after HonestReporting Canada published an alert to an op-ed by Gwynne Dyer on April 10, where Dyer condemned Israel’s recent air strike against a group of senior Iranian commanders in Syria, labeling it a “major escalation” for “no apparent reason.”
Michael Nadel rebutted this baseless accusation, stating that Dyer’s column lacks integrity, and accuracy and doesn’t meet fundamental journalistic standards.

Dyer’s column on Israel’s strike was inaccurate, unfair

Re: Israel is risking a wider war – April 10 Gwynne Dyer’s column does not meet even the most fundamental journalistic standards of integrity or accuracy, failing to even pretend to tell readers about Iran’s nefarious efforts throughout the Middle East, or even about the target of Israel’s strike in Damascus.

His repeating of fake Palestinian death toll numbers, whether as a result of ignorance or intentional malice, nevertheless reflect subpar journalism.

Michael J. Nadel, Woodbridge, Ont.


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