HRC Subscriber Published In The Hill Times: Campus Protesters Misinformed

May 24, 2024

On May 15, HRC subscriber Cynthia Lazar was published in The Hill Times, responding to a May 8 letter that applauded protesters who illegally encamped on campuses across British Columbia, and who ignored the hateful and antisemitic rhetoric found in these encampments.

Lazar rebutted this letter stating that not only is the writer ignorant, but both he and the encampment protesters have been influenced by Hamas propaganda to spread lies and to foment antisemitism.

Campus protesters misinformed: Toronto reader

Paule Houle, who wrote a letter praising students in the encampment at the University of British Columbia, has been influenced by the spreading of lies to foment antisemitism. Hamas propaganda has been accepted as news and he finds himself—as do many of these ignorant students—believing that genocide by Israel exists. 

This is a complete projection. Hamas is the genocidal terror group that martyrs its children. It has used its billions of dollars in aid to build nothing but tunnels over the last 17 years during which they have governed Gaza. They place their civilians in an arena of war. Israel has managed to reduce the civilian-to-combatant ratio of death from the usual 9:1 of urban warfare, as quoted by the Red Cross, to less than 2:1. Israel did withhold humanitarian aid for a little more than a week, seven months ago, when they had been brutally attacked with rape, torture, mutilation, murder, burning alive, and kidnapping of its civilian population from their homes and a music festival when Hamas invaded Israel. 

In the last two months, Israel has flooded Gaza with aid, which Hamas has often stolen and the United Nations has failed to properly distribute. None of the thousand Hamas terrorists, arrested by Israel, have been malnourished. The moral atrocity is Houle’s ignorance of the truth, condemning Israel for defending itself against a genocidal terrorist army that uses its own people as martyrs to further its dream of an extremist Islamist caliphate that is free of Jews. 

Cynthia Lazar
Toronto, Ontario


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