HRC Secures Ottawa Citizen Clarification: Israel Has No Gaza Checkpoints

In a report by Hugh Adami published in the Ottawa Citizen on June 1 entitled “Family remains separated as Immigration fumbles files, the following was erroneously stated: “… The situation in the territories of Gaza and the West Bank, where Israel maintains various checkpoints, continues to be volatile. There is no work.” 

Contrary to this report, since the 2005 Israeli unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, there has been no Israeli control of the Gaza area. The area is administered by Hamas whose government was neither appointed by Israel nor is a subject of Israel. By any accepted legal standard, Gaza is not under Israeli occupation. Israel maintains a blockade in an attempt to prevent arms shipments from entering Gaza; this, however, does not constitute occupation. Furthermore, Gaza has a land border with Egypt, over which Israel has no control whatsoever. Occupation implies being able to impose your will on the occupied and as Israel disengaged from Gaza in 2005, removing over 8,500 settlers and as it doesn’t have any soldiers on the ground, this claim doesn’t have any merit as Israel has no checkpoints in Gaza. 

After HRC communicated its concerns to the Citizen, the following clarification was commendably issued on May 5:


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