HRC Secures On-Air Correction on CBC Around The World

October 30, 2007

160_ap_johnston On October 25, CBC Around the World host Rick MacInnes Rae erroneously stated:

"Well how to prepare yourself for what you believe is certain death. It was the question confronting journalist Alan Johnston held hostage by Islamic militants in Gaza for 114 months, but now for the first time since his release last July, he’s spoken of it at length on the BBC’s Panorama program"

Contrary to this statement, Johnston was held captive for only 114 days. The CBC report misstated the length of his captivity by 9.5 years or 3,467.5 days.

HonestReporting Canada contacted producers of the program and brought this error to their attention.  In the next edition of the program (October 26), the CBC aired the following on-air correction to remedy their error:

?Just before we go a correction from yesterday?s program, we said journalist Alan Johnston had been in prison, had been held in about 114 months, it was 114 days.?


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