HRC Secures Correction on CBC Online

December 28, 2007

Yesterday’s edition of CBC Online carried a report that erroneously claimed that: "Israel has said the units (in Har Homa) only extend existing settlements, are not covered by the road map.?

Contrary to this statement, Israel never claimed that the new apartment units "extend existing settlements," this language in fact, specifically goes against the Israeli government’s stance on the new neighbourhoods, which it considers to be part of Jerusalem and not settlement territory.

This report also contradicts Nahlah Ayed’s own report where she stated (see her report on CBC TV here) that
"The Israelis say it is simply an extension of this neighbourhood (Har Homa)."

By stating that the new housing project is in a "settlement" falsely implied that Israel has a tenuous claim to this land, this choice of language misled Canadian readers. Like "Canadians," the term "Israelis" denotes the citizens of a sovereign country. To describe Israelis living in areas whose sovereignty is disputed, the media use the term "settlers," or "settlements."

HonestReporting Canada brought the error to the attention of CBC Online editors who promptly issued the following correction in their online corrections section:



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