HRC Secures Correction in Victoria Times Colonist

March 12, 2008

Yesterday’s edition of the Victoria Times Colonist carried a report which erroneously stated that the Six Day War was between Egypt and Israel in 1967.

Contrary to this statement, the Six Day War was fought between Israel and its Arab neighbours Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The nations of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Algeria also contributed troops and arms to the combined Arab forces.

HonestReporting Canada brought our concerns to editors at the Times Colonist who promptly issued the following correction in today’s paper:

  • "Correction: Countries sent aid to Arab states in 1967: The Six Day War in 1967 was fought between Israel and the neighbouring states of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Algeria sent aid to the three Arab states. Incomplete information appeared in a story on page C9 of yesterday’s Arts section."


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