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HRC Secures Clarification in the Globe and Mail

by Mike Fegelman

This past Saturday, a report featured in the Globe and Mail erroneously stated the following:

  • ?According to university staff and other witnesses, protesters waved flags and signs advertising diverse causes, from the New College residence-fee rise, to the abolition of tuition fees, to Israeli apartheid, and demanded a meeting with Mr. Naylor, who wasn’t in his office that day.?

The reference to Israeli apartheid without any qualification implies that the Globe and Mail accepts that Israel is essentially carrying out a campaign of apartheid against the Palestinian people. Such a claim is most certainly without merit.

As such, in a means of maintaining impartiality, Globe and Mail reporters should have qualified the term "Israeli apartheid " with quotation marks or introductory wording such as "what they regard as" in order to more precisely reflect the situation on the ground.

HonestReporting Canada brought our concerns to the Globe and Mail’s attention, who promptly issued the following clarification in today’s edition:




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